January Events

by Rich Spahn
Saturday Jan 17th, 2015 1:44 pm
Category: General Masonry

The DeKalb Chapter of the Widows Sons, in conjunction with the DeKalb #144 Widows Committee donated $100 to each to the Illinois Masonic Children's Homes at Murphysboro and Sullivan. There will be a brick in the Walk of Hope in Murphysboro that reads Knights of Tyre (DeKalb Widows Sons chapter).

Also, the DeKalb Lodge baked cookies for Megan Wittmer's fundraiser in December, and raised about $450. The Knights of Tyre added $100 to that, and when we present them with a check we are hoping for a little publicity or a newsletter picture that would allow the Grand Lodge to recognize our community service and match the $550 total donation. Also, thank you to RWB Dale Corrice for his generous donation!

The first Standard Club will be in Holcomb on Wed., Jan. 21st at 7:00 p.m. DeKalb is one of the three lodges, along with Horicon #244 in Rochelle and Friendship #7 in Dixon to earn two Standard Club classes at their home lodges this year. This means they will have fewer opportunities to accumulate mileage towards next year's mileage, since you don't receive any miles when the class is held at home. We have to go to other lodges for the mileage.

Also, whichever lodge wins the trophy the most times this year will get a free pizza party in their lodge! So there are two ways to win - three, if you count that by attending you just might learn how to do the floor work. All officers should attend every Standard Club to learn the work expected of them in their chairs, so if you're new in a chair, let's see you there.

DeKalb Lodge #144 will be conferring two 3rd degrees on Saturday, Feb. 7 at 8:30 a.m. All officers are encouraged to help fill out the slate!


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