Standard Club in DeKalb

by Rich Spahn
Thursday Sep 17th, 2015 1:24 am

Thanks to a large DeKalb turnout at Standard Club, WM Matt's boys have brought the traveling gavel back home to DeKalb where it belongs! DeKalb easily took the win with 10 brothers in attendance. Though the class itself was confusing, owing to the nature of the material - multiple candidate degree conferral - which has been outlined but is not yet codified into the Standard Work. RWBs Jack Baylor and Dana Barlow did an excellent job of teaching to 50-year Masons and 5-month Masons alike, and everyone enjoyed a light dinner and lush dessert tray afterward. Over 20 of our dedicated brethren were there to elect WB Brad Richolson to another year as Standard Club President and WB David Haenitsch to a lifetime of Secretary/Treasurer (I think we just said, "Yeah, make it for life," but I have to check the videotape). We look forward to seeing everyone next month in Byron, when we will attempt to teach opening lodge 1-2-3.

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