Standard Club and Lodge Officer School

by Rich Spahn
Thursday Mar 17th, 2016 9:46 am

The Lodge Officers School held at Illinois Central Lodge #178 in Amboy last night was an impressive event! Grand Lodge Instructor RWB John Essig and RWB James Essig instructed the full-form opening, receiving of the DDGM, receiving a member of the lodge, receiving a visiting brother vouched for and not vouched for, had stewards assist the deacons, went from labor to refreshment, then back to labor and closed! All of that was accomplished in 1hr and 55minutes with no stress. The instructors and the AADGM were impressed with the knowledge shown by all the brethren exemplifying the work, and many of the sideliners expressed satisfaction at having learned something that they could take with them back to their lodges. DeKalb #144, though somewhat under-represented, was able to provide excellent demonstrations of the SD work and the WM, as exemplified by RWB Dean Quarnstrom. The traveling gavel was won by the brethren of Horicon Lodge #244, who brought 6 lodge members to the school and edged out the home team for the trophy. We will have to work hard to catch up for the trophy or for mileage. We hope to see you next month on April 20th at 7p.m. in Oregon!

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