2nd Degree

by Rich Spahn
Monday Aug 15th, 2016 8:46 am
Category: Blue Lodge No. 144

DeKalb Lodge conferred a 2nd degree last Tuesday evening, with the help of brethren from all over the Northern Area. RWBs Roger Larson and Vernon Kness were on the slate, from Rock River Lodge #612 and Chadwick Lodge #867 respectively. RWB Orville Shoemaker and WB Henry Toms were there from Friendship Lodge #7 in Dixon, and WB Tom Lewis, also of Rock River #612, was kind enough to obligate Brother Hansen on the 2nd Degree. DeKalb Lodge #144's own officers performed exceptionally well for their first times in their new chairs - Brs Michael Doyle and David Galica were smart-looking Stewards, B Ferald Bryan wrangled the candidate neatly at JD, and B Noah Panlilio took complete charge of the West. WB Dean Clark performed all of the Marshal's duties proficiently, while B David Nay kept us all secure at Tyler. All in all, Brother Hansen received an excellent 2nd degree after a great examination at the altar by WB Matt Kapustianyk. Our thanks to the brethren who traveled out to help, and to those who learned the work to confer this degree. We are looking forward to Brother Hansen's 3rd in the near future!Notice to Appear


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